Clubhouse Childcare Centre

For more than 25 years, The Clubhouse Childcare Center has been providing quality, innovative care for children in Kelowna. 

About us

The Clubhouse Childcare Center is a non-profit, charitable organization serving the central Kelowna community.

Programs provided are:

  • Full-Day Early Learning Programs
  • Half-Day Preschool Programs
  • After School Care Programs
  • Spring Break Programs
  • Summer Programs

For families within the catchment areas of:

  • St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Raymer Elementary
  • Casorso Elementary
  • Ellison Elementary

Governed by a Board of Directors.

While we offer traditional programming, The Clubhouse is a leader in innovative nature-based outdoor programming. 


The Clubhouse Child Care Center opened in September 1994 to provide School Age care to 20 children.

In July 1996 it became a non-profit, charitable organization administered by Founder and Executive Director Caroline Noga and a Board of nine Directors.

As the needs of the community have changed and grown, the Clubhouse has evolved to meet those needs. We offer child care to approximately 450 families in the Kelowna area year round.

Almost 10 years ago, The Clubhouse introduced an innovative nature-based outdoor farm program to the existing programs already offered. The Clubhouse Farm has become the flagship to the organisation.  The Farm, out in the Ellison area, has grown in leaps and bounds and has become a very important part of the organisation.


The Clubhouse Childcare Centre is a non-profit, charitable organization that delivers outdoor focused childcare programs. Children are full of wonder and curiosity, with unique and creative perspectives and an incredible capacity to learn through play. When children are provided space in a natural environment to explore and time to make independent choices with limited disruptions, they develop a clear sense of self. This sense of self gives the child self-assurance, self-control and confidence which are essential skills for maturing into people who contribute to the world around them.

The Clubhouse offers preschool, group daycare, school age and spring/summer programs. Each program focuses on incorporating children into everyday activities like cooking, gardening, building, and leading. Children are given the opportunity to have independent play with wholesome choices, so their natural capacities can emerge and be celebrated.