Children are full of wonder and curiosity, with unique and creative perspectives and an incredible capacity to learn through play.  With this philosophy and theory in mind, we offer our preschool children time, space, choices, natural environment, wholesome options and opportunities to participate in everyday processes and activities to build connections and confidence to learn and apply.
Literacy Program Name Tags – Children have a natural attachment to their names.  Their names are important to them, and each preschool child and Staff at Clubhouse is given an individual name tag which pairs with their name and a picture starting with the same letter, and sound, as their name.  As children use these name tags to identify themselves, their friends, and Staff, they begin to develop an understanding of letter recognition skills, letter-sound correspondence, letter/word writing, and vocabulary. These name tags are used by Clubhouse Staff to create fun and engaging literacy activities which strengthen early literacy development.
Ages and Stages Questionnaires – At the Clubhouse, programming for our early years programs focuses on the unique needs and assets of each child.  We strive to offer the best programming possible to support and encourage each child’s development and ensure that their play includes opportunity for learning and growing.  As part of getting to know your child better the Staff use the ASQ.  As parents know their child best, each family will complete two questionnaires covering a child’s development in areas of communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, personal/social skills and social-emotional development. 
Preschool is a part-time, mornings only Program from September to June for 4 year olds or children who are about to turn 4. 
Little Angels Preschool
Little Angels Preschool is a Catholic faith-based preschool program next to the St Joseph Elementary School campus.  Using the “I Am Special” program, children are invited to explore, discover and learn about themselves, relationships with others and about God’s creations.
Ellison Preschool
Ellison Preschool is a hybrid program offering a balance of nature-based programming  at Clubhouse Farm with a traditional classroom environment  at Ellison Elementary.
Treehouse Forest Preschool
Treehouse Forest Preschool is located at Woodhaven Regional Park.
Read more about Woodhaven here. 

This is a unique nature-based forest preschool from September to June.  With a cabin for shelter, there is a fenced natural forest play area with access to the trails for group walks and to experience how we share this space with the wildlife in the area.

More afternoon programming will be opening up at Treehouse Forest Preschool in the future.

As Woodhaven is a public park, families can visit the park when Clubhouse is not in session.  All families have the opportunity to tour the preschool before the child starts.
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM 
Monday / Wednesday / Friday mornings

Affordable Child Care Benefit if qualifying

Treehouse Forest


Ellison Farm Preschool


Little Angels Preschool

Traditional and Hybrid