Treehouse Forest Preschool

Morning Classes
8:30 am - 12:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays following the Bellevue Creek Elementary School Calendar. Located at 4711 Raymer Road.
Hybrid Learning
The experience of a conventional classroom curriculum blended with the benefits of outdoor play-based programming. Children participate in circle time, reading books, singing songs, creating art and playing games.
Kindergarten Readiness
Focusing on the BC Early Learning Framework Core Competencies in a natural setting, awakening a deep curiosity to learn. This September 2024 program is designed for children beginning Kindergarten in September 2025 but younger children will be considered.
Reconnecting Through Nature
Allow your child to experience the outdoors in all kinds of weather as they practice the skills they need to succeed as life-long learners. Woodhaven Regional Park is our playground and our classroom.

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Our Philosphy


Play, exploration, and self-discovery require time. Children need the opportunity to try things, start activities and then return to them so they can learn what they like, what excites them and develop experiences only gained from observation of a whole process. This is the value of time.


Space gives children the physical room to engage and disengage from activities and each other so they can learn to self-regulate and build resilience to others and their environment.

Natural Environment

Natural Environment - Being outside is essential to discovery. Nature provides children the chance to be a part of their environment, to see things change and grow and evolve. Nature provides many inherent opportunities to observe and see their impact on the world around them. We want children to observe the world around them and be thoughtful, not just be told what to look for.

Participate in the Process

Participate in the Process - For children to become self-reliant they need to feel capable. Opportunities to participate in everyday processes and activities builds connection and confidence to learn and apply. Participating in the process also teaches children to recognize opportunities to contribute to the world around them.

How to Register

Step One

  • Attend our open-house this March to see our space and meet our teachers
  • Add your name to our mailing list to be notified of the date and time

Step Two

  • Fill out your registration form
  • This will be available for all those families who attend our open-house

Step Three

  • Accept your offer of enrollment
  • Submit your payment and policy forms


Treehouse Forest Preschool is located in Woodhaven Regional Park, just up the left hand trail. 

4711 RaymerRoad

We have limited spaces in this program and they are offered-in a first come/first served basis. 

All families attending our open-house will have the opportunity to register after seeing the space and meeting our teachers. We will begin offering spaces shortly after the open-house. 


Our fees are prorated throughout the school year so they do not change month to month. 

Treehouse Forest Preschool classes run on the same days as Bellevue Creek Elementary. We are closed for all Professional Development days and major school closures like winter break, spring break and summer. 

The only weather that we tend to worry about at Treehouse is high wind and smoke. If the winds are too high we may cancel classes because of the risk of falling trees. If the air quality is too poor then we may have to cancel classes but we also have access to our cabin! Decisions on whether to cancel classes or not are made as needed. 

Heat and cold can be easily prepared for with the right gear and use of our shady spots or warm cabin. 

Treehouse Forest Preschool runs for 3 days and shares the space in the mornings the other 2 days with daycare and elementary school field trips. 

3 days per week offers children a gradual entry into a classroom setting to get them ready for Kindergarten.

You can check out our other programs offered 5 days a week here

We accept children as young as 3 years old but priority for spaces will be going to children who are entering Kindergarten in September 2025. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for future intakes, you can still visit our open house to get more information and see what we are about!

More questions? Email us at or attend our open-house.