Educators can book a Clubhouse Farm Outdoor Classroom visit on Calendly for 2 classes at a time (around 44 students).¬†¬†Programming is seasonal, but let us know if you’re working on a particular module in the classroom that you’d like to explore on the farm.

The program is entirely outside so keep an eye on the forecast and dress for whatever the weather may bring! Ensure your children bring filled water bottles, hats, and lunches if not opting into the hot dog lunch.

Costs and Times

School Age

  • $12 per child
  • 9:30am to 1:00pm

Early Learning Groups

  • $10 per child
  • 9:30am to 11:30pm
  • Please email with your preferred dates and number of children.¬†


Including a hot dog lunch? The cost increases $3 per child. Clubhouse kitchens are nut aware and can offer alternatives (gluten free, vegetarian) with two week’s notice via email. Students roast their hotdogs over the fire in cooler months. During the warmer months, hotdogs will roasted on the BBQ.


Please note:

  • If you wish to change the number of classes attending on your booked day, let us know two weeks in advance so we can accommodate with staffing.
  • Our admin office will typically bill after your visit at the end of the month via the email you provide upon booking.
  • Cancellation due to extreme weather or wildfire smoke has no charge. Please call us at 250-899-5587 if canceling on the morning of your scheduled visit by 8:00am or there may be a set up fee.
  • The farm is not available to the public, nor on evenings or weekends.
  • We find that many parents want to be a part of the day, but please limit volunteers to your minimum. The dynamics of the day change when we have many volunteers, and children navigate different sets of expectations.
  • We ask that siblings do not attend with the group.


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